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  • [Himalaya] Liv.52 DS 60 Tablets - Liver Health
[Himalaya] Liv.52 DS 60 Tablets - Liver Health

[Himalaya] Liv.52 DS 60 Tablets - Liver Health

    Unparalleled in liver care

    The natural ingredients in Liv.52 DS exhibit potent hepatoprotective properties against chemically-induced hepatotoxicity.

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    Key Ingredients
    Cichorium intybus

    Cichorium intybus

    Cichorium intybus (Chicory) is a potent hepatoprotective and antioxidant, which can be seen by its free radical scavenging property.

    Capparis spinosa

    Capparis spinosa

    Capparis spinosa (The Caper Bush) is a potent hepatoprotective that improves efficiency of the liver.

    Solanum nigrum

    Solanum nigrum

    Solanum nigrum (Black nightshade) has hepatoprotective activity against liver damage.


    Liver health support

    • Prevents liver from toxin build up
    • Prevents accumulation of fat
    • Tonic for the liver
    • Helps in liver detoxification
    Directions for Use

    1 capsule twice daily after food.

    Additional Information

    Halal certified


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