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  • Olive Extra Nourishing Cream 50ml x 2
Olive Extra Nourishing Cream 50ml x 2

Olive Extra Nourishing Cream 50ml x 2

    Lightweight and hydrating, he Himalaya Olive Extra Nourishing Cream combines the richness of Olive Butter fortified by proprietary Plant Ceramides to deliver the perfect skincare companion for dry skin.

    • Key Ingredients
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    Key Ingredients
    Olive Butter<

    Olive Butter

    Olive Oil - Olive Butter, the main nourishing agent in the skin cream, addresses skin dryness, penetrates and prevents moisture – loss from your

    Almond Oil

    Almond Oil

    Almond Oil – Enables faster absorption

    Plant Ceramides

    Plant Ceramides

    Plant Ceramide - Enhances skin’s moisture absorption and retention capability

    Directions for Use

    Apply Olive Extra Nourishing Cream gently over face and neck twice daily, after cleansing. For best results, use regularly. Suitable for all skin types. Can also be used as a base for make-up. Olive Extra Nourishing Cream is dermatologically-tested, non-comedogenic.  

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