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Himalaya Pilex Ointment - Offers Relief from Rectal Bleeding & Pain

Pilex Ointment

    The medical answer to a surgical problem

    Pilex is a topical therapy that promotes faster healing of haemorrhoids. Its analgesic action helps relieve pain, and the soothing action facilitates the smooth evacuation of feces.

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    Key Ingredients
    Mimosa pudica<<

    Mimosa pudica

    Mimosa pudica (Sensitive plant) has astringent and styptic properties that are beneficial in managing bleeding piles.

    Yashad bhasma

    Yashad bhasma

    Yashad bhasma (Zinc calx)supports wound healing by promoting epithelial (surface tissue) regeneration.


    Promotes overall bowel health

    • Offers local analgesic action
    • Controls irritation and itching
    • Facilitates smooth evacuation
    Directions for Use

    Apply before and after evacuation of the bowel with the help of an applicator.

    Additional Information

    Halal certified


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